Who are We?

Dr.Wenjin Du   DVM, M.Ag

Dr. Wenjin Du is the founder and owner of Silver Star Animal Hospital. He started his career as a veterinarian in 1992 back in his homeland, China, for more than 10 years. After immigrating to Canada in 2001, Dr. Du wished to continue in his veterinary career path, but the language barrier was a great obstacle for him. It took him 6 years of hard work to pass the entire examination process and finally settled with a job in the emergency department of an animal hospital in Michigan. He worked there for 2 years before moving to Windsor, where he spent another 2 years in as an emergency and regular veterinarian. Dr. Du did a fair amount market research prior to making the decision of opening his own animal hospital in Toronto. His main target in to serve the huge Chinese population since it is the first veterinary clinic that provides full Chinese service. He applied his knowledge of traditional Chinese therapy into the treatments, curing pets with acupuncture and traditional herbs. Dr. Du is a very experienced veterinarian and truly values his patients and clients.


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